Acorn Outdoors is a full-service forestry and land management company. All services are provided to private landowners, consultants and companies with an emphasis on quality and accountability. We work actively in all the western Gulf States and look forward to helping you or your company achieve profitable and predictable returns on your forest investment.


Acorn Outdoors employs a variety of individuals to ensure that all of your forestry and land management needs are met in a professional and timely manner with the utmost respect for you, your goals and your land. The people below are responsible for the day-to-day operations of Acorn Outdoors.

Ricky Gay Sr wildlife biologist Acorn outdoors Texas

Ricky Gay

Sr. Wildlife Biologist

Jordan Walker Forest Range Ecologist Acorn outdoors Texas

Jordan Walker

Forest Range Ecologist

Landon Emmert Forest Ecologist Acorn outdoors Texas

Landon Emmert

Forest Ecologist

Leonado Olalde Forest technican Acorn outdoors Texas

Leonardo Olalde

Forest Technician


Acorn Outdoors
P.O. Box 151537
Lufkin, TX 75915

Tel: 936.875.5400
Fax: 936.875.5401
Email: info@acornforestry.net

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Acorn is currently a leader among forestry companies in the southeast specializing in prescribed burning, reforestation, and timberland management. Acorn was started back in 1997 and incorporated in 1999 in Huntsville, TX.