Wetlands & Mitigation Services

Wetlands are one of the most critical and dynamic ecosystems that provide many ecological, societal and economic benefits.

Because 75% of wetlands are allocated on private lands, those landowners play a pivotal role in restoring and protecting wetland health.

Acorn Outdoors works with landowners, agencies and consultants providing expert services for mitigation opportunities. We at Acorn approach mitigation banking projects from an educated blue collar perspective. We strive to perform turnkey and single phase operations focused on supporting the efficient and effective application of wetland mitigation practices and silviculture. We are your rubber meets the road company to handle your prescribed burning, herbicide application, planting, invasive species control, and civil and structural construction.

Acorn is adept at properly reading and interpreting your wetland management plan to look for efficiencies in operations. We have experience working with governmental NGOs and private funding sources to help landowners carry the burden of restoration investments.

Our wetlands and mitigation services include:

Structural & Civil Construction

Prescribed Burning

Herbicide Application

Tree, Shrub & Grass Establishment

Invasive Species Control

Quality Control & Monitoring

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Acorn is currently a leader among forestry companies in the southeast specializing in prescribed burning, reforestation, and timberland management. Acorn was started back in 1997 and incorporated in 1999 in Huntsville, TX.