Yes, we absolutely work with small landowners.  There is not a size limit to the tracts we will work on, however, not all operations will work well on all small tracts due to location and access issues.  An on-site visit would be needed to determine workability.

We currently serve all the western gulf states – Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and southeastern Oklahoma.

You may pay via check or credit card.  There is a 3% surcharge for all credit card payments.  Payments are due within 30 days or a finance charge of 1% is assessed.

We do take credit cards with a 3% surcharge.

Our foresters hold many certifications and licenses.  Below are the certifications and licenses we currently hold:

  • Texas Certified and Insured Prescribed Burn Manager
  • Louisiana Certified Prescribed Burn Manager
  • Texas Commercial Applicator License
  • Texas Accredited Forester

If your seedlings die, or appear to be dying, we will need to come investigate your property as well as all the steps leading up to planting.  We will make a recommendation from there.  

If we did your reforestation and you qualify for our Guaranteed Seedling Survival, we will investigate the reason for the failure and replant your property for free if the reason for failure qualifies in our guarantee guidelines.

Starting the process is relatively simple.  We need to know the location of your property (a map works best), and when it was harvested.  From there, we may conduct an on-site visit, or through phone conversations figure out what the best method would be to get a successful stand of trees growing back on your property.

Yes, there are multiple government assistance programs for reforestation, mid-rotation activities, and prescribed burning.  We will help you determine which program would benefit you the most and work with you throughout the funding process.

Our home office is based in Hudson, Texas, just west of Lufkin.  Our address is 7680 FM 2497, Lufkin, TX  75915.  You can also reach us anytime by email at info@acornforestry.net or by phone at 936-875-5400.

Yes, all of our work is performed in-house with the exception of some mechanical and herbicide applications.  In these situations, we may use subcontractors if the workload exceeds our in-house capacity.

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Acorn is currently a leader among forestry companies in the southeast specializing in prescribed burning, reforestation, and timberland management. Acorn was started back in 1997 and incorporated in 1999 in Huntsville, TX.