Boundary Line Maintenance

Boundary Line Maintenance

Boundary lines on some properties, especially those in more populated areas, are very evident using well maintained with barbed wire fence.  Other times fencing is not economical, or feasible in remote locations.  In these situations, boundaries are marked with paint.  Painted boundaries may need to be established upon a landowner purchasing a tract of land, and should be maintained and re-painted about every five years to keep the markings visible and monitor for encroachment and other issues.

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Boundaries may be marked with purple to follow the “Purple Paint Bill” (House Bill 793), which enables landowners to mark trees along a boundary with purple paint as an identifying marker of trespassing, rather than having to post numerous “No Trespassing” signs.  Other colors may also be used at the choosing of the landowner.  There is no standard for paint colors across the state, or country, and are often regionally identified. 

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